TD - Mother of GD - Brain injury patient

Our son received his HepB vaccine when he was 13 yrs old and it gave him a liver disease which had no cure. After controlling it with medications for 12 yrs he became extremely ill. At 25 yrs of age we were told that he was end stage liver failure and needed a liver transplant within 2 weeks or he would die. Within days after that his kidneys shut down requiring 24 hr dialysis, he contracted an infection in his blood which went to his heart & brain, he was in a coma and on life support, and he became paralyzed from the neck down. In the 11th hour he received the gift of life and the transplant was a success. After 3 months in ICU and 4 months in post transplant at VGH, and then 9 months in 2 in-patient rehab facilities our son was finally able to come home. 

When the 1st in-patient rehab facility discharged him after 5 months, they told him that he may never walk again and they had done all they could for him. At this time a ceiling lift was required to transfer him from his bed to his power wheelchair. When the 2nd rehab facility discharged him, a transfer board was used and he had just started to stand and weight bear. After 16 months in hospitals he was finally able to come home. His bedroom was moved into the dining room because he was unable to get upstairs...life as we knew it would be very different. It was then that he was referred to Mr. Kakakhel for physio and his life changed. 

Kastir talked to our son and ask what goals were most important to him.They worked on weight bearing and started to take steps using the balance bars. He progressed to using a walker and increasing the steps every session. They worked on his core strength and then progressed to using the stairs. Our son trusted Kastir and he achieved more than he ever had before and made astonishing improvements. Kastir consistently encouraged & motivated our son and he now walks up and down 14 stairs to his bedroom, is working out at the gym and swimming, and is walking 8 blocks with a walker or 30 minutes on a treadmill (which continues to increase). 

Our son just received corrective surgery on his feet and again requires physio. There was no other physiotherapist that our son would see which speaks volumes. Kastir genuinely cares and has treated our son as if he were family, and his open communication with our family has meant so much to us. Kastir is dedicated & committed to his clients and he is definitely doing what he was meant to do in this life.

I would highly recommend Kastir Kakakhel to anyone in need of an experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable physiotherapist.

HM - Grandson of Mrs SM, Hip Fracture Patient

A few months ago, my grandmother broke her hip due to a fall. While receiving physiotherapy at the hospital, the practitioner stated my grandmother would never walk again. After a few sessions with Mr. Kakakhel, he was able to get her to weight bear and eventually walk in a safe and effective manner. I have truly been impressed by Kastir's work ethic and knowledge, often treating my grandmother as if she were part of his family.
To anyone looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, and caring physiotherapist, I highly recommend Mr. Kakakhel.


OA - Son of Mr MA, Stroke Patient

My 68 year old dad had a total knee replacement in his left knee in February 2015. A few days after the knee surgery he had a stroke and was in the hospital for about 6 months. The stroke left my dad paralysed on the right side completely and affected his speech severely. 
He went through intensive rehab with absolutely no results. Rehab center said that my dad will not even stand anymore. 
I met Kastir and requested him to help me with my dad. He started at ground zero. 
Worked very hard, and he was very sincere and committed in his job. He kept encouraging and motivated my dad not to give up and to work hard. Today my dad is much better, stronger and is able to stand. 

I can tell with complete confidence that not even once did Kastir think about any financial gain for himself. He put himself in my shoes and he worked very sincerely with a lot of dedication and commitment.  He worked with my dad like how he would work with his own father. 
To find one like Kastir is rare. I have absolutely no hesitation and with complete confidence would recommend Kastir to my friends and family.